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Granite cuntertops in Denver, Colorado

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Custom Granite Homes believes that you don’t have to spend a fortune
to get high quality products in your home. The value of granite in your home
can’t be denied—it’s resistant to heat, stains, and scratches. It’s permanently
sealed, maintenance free, and of course, it looks great in any setting! You won’t
find a more affordable price for granite countertops in Denver, Colorado as we keep our overhead low and get the best prices on granite from our distributors



Jeorge Leon and his team of professional installers have worked their
hands at granite installation for many years. From start to finish, Custom Granite Homes has a hand in the every step of the process. We offer free estimates on projects, fabricate your desired products in- house, and ultimately install that product with our own bare hands and technical expertise.
Clients that want granite countertops, tile floors, or tile walls cannot go wrong
when they hire the experts from Custom Granite Homes.

Our Service

Custom Granite Homes offers the highest quality, most affordable granite products in Colorado. Hiring our team to fabricate and install custom granite products is one of the best decisions you can make when you’re building or renovating your home—the quality of our products speak for themselves! Below is a complete list of services we provide to our clients. For the more time sensitive projects, ask us about our signature “fast install” service!

The elegance and practicality of granite doesn’t have to break the bank!
Contact Custom Granite Homes today about installing high-end granite
products in your home today.