We back our work!

Congratulations on choosing a natural stone or engineered stone product from Custom Granite Homes We carefully select and use only top quality materials that are carefully manufactured and color matched for consistency and durability.
Natural or Engineered stone is a beautiful addition to your home and one of the wisest investments you can make in luxury and convenience.
Custom Granite Homes is proud to be your fabrication and installation contractor. We are committed to your satisfaction. We embrace the high manufacturing standards and business ethics that are required and expected by our customer. We believe that customer care is the foundation to our success.

Our warranty applies only to products installed in their original location. This warranty is transferable to future owners of your home.
If there are any defects in materials, fabrication or installation we will repair or replace the defect item with the same grade and quality of material as the original using an acceptable color match, accepting that there are natural variations in veining and color with natural stone.

Custom Granite Homes offers a two year warranty on the seams of our countertops. This warranty covers seam separation for two years from the date of installation.
Custom Granite Homes provides a one year warranty from the day of installation on staining. This is based upon normal use of the granite.

The customer is responsible for maintaining the sealer at least once per year, and for caulking maintenance.
Warranties will become void if proper maintenance is not performed by customer. Custom Granite Homes will not warranty against breakage after installation.
Engineered stone products have a 15-year manufacturer warranty on the product itself.

Natural stone products are often subject to have surface fissures or pits in their surface. Because they are natural products, the slabs may have fissures which look like cracks; these pose no actual structural problems. When selecting your granite, please look for these carefully in your slabs if you wish to avoid them, we can not repair fissures or pits. Natural stone products do not have any warranty on the materials.

In order for this warranty to be valid the customer or their successors must submit a claim in writing and permit Custom Granite Homes an on site inspection. Warranty is considered void under any of the following circumstances:
This warranty does not cover the cost of repairs or replacements undertaken prior to the customer’s receipt of a claim acknowledgement and verification from Custom Granite Homes.